I am an artist, a creator, a mother and an Earth lover.

I started pure creation in 2013 as a creative outlet, before I had my two beautiful children. The day I became a mother my whole life changed, my outlook on life changed, my whole existence changed.

Slowly slowly I became more and more conscious about my life, and the life I want for my children. I started questioning everything. I needed to make changes to create the life I want for them. And most importantly – I had to change.

And so my inward journey started, a spiritual journey. I want to become the highest version of myself for my children, so that I can be the best mother I can be.

My children inspires me to constantly learn, evolve and grow. Pushing me to go deeper and deeper within. Showing me where I still have some work to do, what I need to let go of, how to see life differently, living in the moment, enjoying the simple things in life, being wild and free.

As I started changing and evolving – so did my vision and mission for Pure creation. I want my inner journey to reflect in my artwork, my words, my message. Pure creation is the space where I want to express, share and be creative. It is a space where I want to document a piece of my journey, my heart and my soul.

May Pure creation spread ripples of love, peace, wisdom and freedom in this world. I am grateful to be sharing this journey with you.

With love and with light