Nurture your inner garden

Posted by Nadine Marola on November 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

It is so important to make time every single day to tend to your inner garden.
This is self care and needs to be a priority.

Sit with yourself and feel what is it that you need today.
Start your day with feeling grateful for your growth, for how far you’ve come.
See what seeds are growing, what seeds or seedlings need your attention.
Nurture your inner garden and see if there’s any weeds growing
Weeds like negative thoughts and negative feelings.
Or anything that does not make you feel good and alive.
Pull them out before they grow further,
before they affect your precious seeds and seedlings.

Nurture your seedlings. Give them love and attention.
Water them and give them what they need to grow.
What do you need today to feel positive, joyful, loved or empowered?
What do your seeds need today to feel fully alive and thriving?

The seeds are growing every day, but you need to nurture them,
look after them, water them and give them the attention they need
to grow into the beautiful garden you want.

Be gentle with yourself.
Care for your soul the same way you would care for a plant.
Be patient
Everything grows in its own pace, in its own.
As long as you look after it
Care for it with love and compassion.
With grace and with peace.

Tend to your inner garden daily,
pull out the weeds and water the seeds.