Like a wild flower I surrender to the fire

Posted by Nadine Marola on November 9, 2018 in Uncategorized
Being rock bottom gave me the opportunity to renew myself, my life, my daily living.
It gave me the opportunity to have a hard look at myself and see what is not working,
what I don’t like, what I would like to let go of, what I need to burn away.
I felt like a wildflower surrendering to the fire.
To let the fire burn everything that is not part of who I want to be,
that is not true to who I really am. It is not easy, as we like to hold on
to everything that is comfortable, everything that we know.
I had to face things about myself that I did not want to acknowledge,
that I did not want to see or feel.
But I let the fire burn. And it sometimes hurts like hell.
It is a process that takes time and patience.
It is a process to find every piece that needs to be burned away.
It is a process to allow the fire to burn it all, to feel it all,
and letting it all go to ashes.
So like a wild flower I surrender to the fire.
Even though the fire burns everything to ashes it also awaken new seeds of the wild flowers.
New pure seeds. The fire can take away the access, but with it,
it brings new life, new opportunity, new growth.
So I trust the process. I welcome the fire, I welcome the flames to burn away everything
that is not serving me well, everything that holds me back, everything that limits me.
Every piece that is not me in my pure essence. Until only my soul seed remains.
And from there I wish to grow.
From my core, from my purest form,
from my inner being, from my soul.
“Like a wild flower I surrender to the fire

It is setting me free from everything I am not supposed to be. “
-Nadine Marola